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Friday, September 17, 2010

Discontinued from Inspiration Ave

TAC released their discontinued and DISCOUNTED list on Tuesday.  Here are the sets which will not be returning to the Fall Supplement, and my be purchased at a special discounted rate until OCTOBER 17 ONLY!  The prices given are the discounted prices!

TA3209 Build-A-Background $5.57  pg 3

TA3206 Floral Mug $ 5.57 pg 3
TB3207 Country Christmas $ 7.67 pg 4
TC3196 Dilly Dally $13.97 pg 6

T3138 Spring Things $ 9.07 pg 7

T2937 More All Season Stamps $12.57 pg 8
T3214 Snowflake Backgrounder $ 6.27 pg 9
T3213 Build-A-Bird $15.37 pg 9
T2926 Autumn Swirls $15.37 pg 12
T3192 Tree Owls $ 9.07 pg 12
T2632 Pick of the Patch $ 9.07 pg 13
T3106 Apple Girls $ 9.07 pg 13
T3078 Nuts About You $12.57 pg 14
T3178 Hedgehog Halloween $12.57 pg 16
T3107 Spooky Girls $ 9.07 pg 17

T3179 Spooky Boys $ 9.07 pg 17
T3081 Spookalicious $12.57 pg 18
T3191 Fun Skulls $12.57 pg 18
T3009 Glitter Goblins $15.37 pg 19
T2976 Homespun Holiday $15.37 pg 24
T3187 More Hotel Signs $15.37 pg 29
T3190 Squirrely Girl $12.57 pg 30
T886 Silhouette Nativity $15.37 pg 32
T3045 Holiday Collages $15.37 pg 33
T2518 Little Penguins $ 6.27 pg 35
T2589 Christmas Minis $ 6.27 pg 35
T3199 Peace on Earth $12.57 pg 37
R3037 Holiday Cheer $16.77 pg 38
T2707 In The Snow $15.37 pg 39
T3202 The Coolest $15.37 pg 41
T3200 All Things Christmas $12.57 pg 42
T3195 Party Animals $ 9.07 pg 44
T3194 Open Presents $ 9.07 pg 44
T3215 I Heart You $15.37 pg 45

I should have Fall Supplements in hand by Sept 29 (when I have Christmas Card Club)  You can place an order on Christmas Card Club day Sept 29 or wait until TECH day Oct 6 and still be able to order these discounted stamp sets!

Friday, September 10, 2010

New sets to be revealed soon!

According to Mischelle's (she's the owner of TAC, in case you didn't know)  post to Angels Only today the Fall Supplement scheduled for release on or about October 1, 2010  has


(including what we have seen already and the new hostess sets!)

She also announced that there are

6 GWP stamps

Still no word on when we can order the new supplements - I hope we will have them in time for our TECH Squad meeting on October 6.

Another new September promotion!

I found another new promotion when I visited at tonight -
This might be a great way to BUILD YOUR COLLECTION! if you are just starting out.  Or if you are an avid collector, is there ever too much?  Let me know if you are interested in one of these Accessory Bag Specials - if there is enough interest we will place another order before they are all gone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm back at The Angel Company and found another new SPECIAL PROMOTION - a $5 brown bag special.  check it out:

If you order this, you will probably want to order a sheet or two of the creative cling backing for these stamps D-236 8 x 10 sheet for $5.50.

ADDED NOTE:  Mischelle was asked and estimated that it would take 1 1/2 sheets of foam backing for the stamps in these bags!  (added 9/10/2010)

Just e-mail me if you would like to order one of these bags before the end of September.  I will place another order - hopefully before they are all gone!

I've updated all the links

I think all the SPECIAL PROMOTION LINKS on the right sidebar will work now for September Promotions!  TAC is working hard to "Be a blessing" in your life right now.  Those who are familiar with The Angle Company know that we place great value in the scripture "we have been blessed so that we may be a blessing."  It's a really BIG deal to TAC.  And because it is such a BIG deal you will find more examples on Mischelle's blog in coming months of little ideas that we can all use to make a BIG difference in the lives of our friends, family, loved ones, and children.  Be sure to visit Mischelle's blog to see her current "Be A Blessing" sample.

Promotions, Specials, and other stuff!

First off, I want to say that TAC has announced that the new Fall Supplement will premier on OCTOBER 1!  Now is the time to check over your Inspiration Avenue, and see if there is anything that you GOTTA HAVE.  We have not seen a RETIREMENT LIST yet - but I have a good guess about what will be back.  Mischelle had a design call for some of the sets that are in the Avenue.  This DOESN'T MEAN that all the sets not in the call are necessarily going to retire, but that is my GUESS!  I have marked one copy of Inspiration Ave for all to see at TECH on Wednesday, Sept 8!  If there is a stamp set that isn't marked that you GOTTA have then Sept 8 is the day to "make it happen!" 

Here is a list of the sets from Inspiration Ave which are on the Design Call - making me guess they will return this Fall:
Cheery Thoughts p. 6
Coffee Talk p.10
Sending a Latte p. 10
Cup of Tea p. 11
Tea for Two p. 11
Hedgehog Halloween p. 16
Trick or Treaters p. 16
Spooky Girls p. 17
Spooky Boys p. 17
Give Thanks p. 21
Delicious Fall p. 21
Peace p. 22
Good Tidings p. 25
Gingerbread Fun p. 27
Winter Flurries p. 28
Joyful Ornaments p. 30
Holiday Girls p. 34
Holiday Boys p. 34
Simple Joys p. 35
Merriest Wishes p. 40
Vintage Santa p. 43
I Heart You p. 45

That leaves 35 sets from Inspiration Avenue 2009 NOT MENTIONED ON THE DESIGN CALL - my guess, not coming back in Fall Supplement 2010!  If you don't have an Inspiration Avenue, please ask for one at TECH on Wednesday, Sept 8 - I have some extras that are only good until Sept 30!

Just because ... we are so thankful for you! Customer Appreciation Preview Pack available Sept 1 - 30 for $49.95 (retails for $57.80) + shipping & tax.  There are 4 new sets which will premier in the Fall Supplement - but you can get them a month early!

My set is on order, and I have pegged this one to be the main image in our Thanksgiving table setting for November TECH Squad on Nov. 10

Mischelle posted a sample of this cutie on her Savvy Projects Blog today - go check it out

This one ALMOST makes me want to get out my snuggley sweaters - but since it's still summer in TEXAS, NOT!!!!

You may see these quotes in November too!

There is one other customer appreciation special for September - our white ribbon pack can now be ordered in BULK of  5 yards/ 5 designs - 25 yards for $19.95 + shipping and tax.  That makes the ribbon cost $ 0.31 per foot delivered!  There is is 75 feet of white ribbon (5 styles) in this package.  If you have Copic Markers, it will color these ribbons BEAUTIFULLY!

Stamp of the Month - for September

Autumn Leaves TAC-3311 retail $10.95, sotm price $10.95
There are some great samples on the website

Spooky Sets available through September - then they are headed into the Fall supplement.

Just in time for your Halloween and Fall crafting!

Limited Edition sets available in SEPTEMBER ONLY!  Guests may purchase one of each for $2.95 with a qualifying purchase of $30.  These are smaller versions of sets we already have in the Core Catalogue.  The Hostess box will hopefully earn some that I can give away later!  (one FREE for each $100 group order)

Larger versions of Lil' Cuties :  TA-3337 One of a Kind, and T-3330 Hello Day
Larger version of Mini Greats T-3277 Happily Grateful (we're using the big one for our project at Sept TECH)

And the SPECIALS KEEP COMING -  Buy Swooping Sentiments SEP10 for $19.95 get a Sydney Circle Album for FREE!

And if you can possibly stand it - we have one more special for September:  SUPER SURPRIZE BOXES!  $50 (with a retail value of over $100) TAC has gathred a wonderful array of our favorite stamps for our Super Surprise Boxes.  These fun bundles have a retail value of over $100. Available while supplies last, don't miss the opportunity to surprise yourself with great rubber stamping goodies found in these one-of-a-kind special boxes!  (No extra discounts allowed on these boxes)