... just a few of the many things I MUST get done!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas Card Club

My first meeting of the Christmas card club was a great success - although my SCOR-BUG decided to hide from me! (I found it after everyone went home!!! Of course!!!) Many thanks to participants: Karen, Kim, Beckie, Debby B, Pam H & Belinda! Kits will be delivered soon!

Next meeting is August 26 at 6:30 p.m. - samples will be ready to view on August 12 at TECH Squad, and here on the blog about the same time!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TECH Squad

TECH Squad - August 12, 2009
6:30 p.m. only
"Sketch Projects"
(see previous post)
If you can't make it and would like to have a kit, I can make a pre-stamped kit for $5.
Please RSVP for class or kit as soon as possible!

TECH Squad projects

My next TECH Squad is a "sketch class" - we will do 5 cardfronts based on the sketches in the new Core Catalogue (page 11)
Sketch 1 This one uses a new set called "wishing happiness"

Sketch 2 - This one uses a stamp set called "Treasure It" and one of my
favarite papers Rustic Chic

Sketch 3 - Two stamp sets "Decorative Corners" and "More Elegant Sentiments"
Sketch 4 - This little circle is from "Always Remember"

Sketch 5 - this one also uses "Always Remember"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stamp of the Month - August 09

This is the Stamp of the Month for August 09. You may purchase it for $9.75 with a qualifying purchase of $30! (before tax and shipping)


The Angel Company has announced a DOUBLE THE FUN promotion which begins on July31 and continues to Sept. 30, 2009. As a hostess with a qualifying FUNshop, you will earn DOUBLE the Level Rewards as well as doubling the number of half price items you are eligible to purchase. Stamp selections and HALF PRICE product purchases may be made from any current TAC publication (Core catalogue and Serendipity until Sept. 1, then we will add the Fall Magalogue starting Sept. 1)

In addition to these wonderful rewards, those with qualifying orders within these three sets of dates below can enjoy these BONUS FEATURES.


Please note that only one Bonus Feature can be redeemed per FUNshop!


Double Rewards

$100 - $249 - Level A x 2, Half Price x 2, and Woodrowe Keepsake Album Kit (retail $14.95)

$250 - $299 - Level A x 2, Level B x 2, Half Price x 4, Woodrowe Keepsake Album Kit, and a Limited Edition Stamp Set (retail value $12.95) - no SNEAK PEEK has been given, we can expect to see it my Friday! Will post here when I see it! THIS SET WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER SET IN OUR CURRENT INVENTORY AND WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE DURING THESE TWO WEEKS!

$500 - over - Level A x 2, Level B x 2, Level C x 2, Half Price x 6, Woodrowe Keepsake Album, and Limited Edition Stamp Set (retail value $21.95) - no SNEAK PEEK has been given, we can expect to see it my Friday! Will post here when I see it! THIS SET WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER SET IN OUR CURRENT INVENTORY AND WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE DURING THESE TWO WEEKS!

This may be the PERFECT TIME to host a FUNshop of your own (separate from my normal TECH Squad) and earn all these wonderful rewards for yourself, or you can share them with your friends who attend your party. My time is limited, so please contact me soon to set up your time before August 17.

On August 18 - Sept 1, a new set of BONUS FEATURES will be combined with the double hostess rewards. Will post at appropriate time.

Sept 2 - Sept 16, there is yet another set of BONUS FEATURES!

Sept 17 - Sept 30, only standard DOUBLE THE FUN rewards with no BONUS FEATURES!

Friday, July 24, 2009

TECH Squad - August 11 IT'S REALLY AUGUST 12!

I have been working on the sketch cards for the August TECH (August 12) today and wanted to give everyone a heads-up on a potential conflict.
Most of you know that my mom has been at Metroplex Hospital and now Indian Oaks Nursing Center as a result of hip replacement surgery. She is doing well and we are hoping to take her home July 31. Yeah! She is having intensive physical and occupational therapy while staying at Indian Oaks which she definitely needed! When she gets home, I will be staying with her in the daytime and my sister at night, and we will alternate on weekends.
As a result, I may be unable to have the 2:00 p.m. TECH Squad meeting on August 12. There are some possible alternatives that would allow me to be able to be at home at 2:00 p.m. on that day, and I will continue to "plot" those alternatives. Will keep you informed of any changes I have to make using my e-mail newsletter.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Our first session of the
Christmas Card Club
will be held on Wednesday, July 29 at 6:30 p.m. (Please notice the change in time - my duties with mom are keeping me away from home for longer days than expected!) Fee is $10 to make 5 cards. Samples have been previously posted here on the blog. If you want to attend the session, please RSVP to or my home phone (it's on the back of the catalogue you got from me) - you can pay for the session on Wednesday night, but I would like to know how many kits to make by Monday at 7:00 p.m. (I will be cutting kits on Monday evening)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My mom's surgery

My mom's surgery was Wednesday, July 15 - she had a very stable surgical procedure but is having difficulty becoming ambulatory again! My sister and I will be checking out Indian Oaks Rehab on Monday to assist with her recovery. She is amenable to the idea as long as we know that she won't be there for long. We hope it works out for her!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas Card Club starts on July 29

Please RSVP by Monday, July 27, if you would like to join us for the Christmas Card Club at 6:30 p.m. (not as previously announced 5:30 p.m. - my sister and I will be alternating staying with mom post surgery that week, and she doesn't get off until 5:30 and I will need some time to drive home from Killeen!) Fee is $10 for 5 cards. (You can pay on the night of the class)
Here are the cards we will be making for the first Christmas Card Club:

If you can't make it on July 29, but would like to have these cards, you may order a pre-stamped kit for $12. Kit's need to be order by July 27 as well as RSVP's for class. Hope to see you there!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I finally had a chance to look at the survey I had my customers fill out on Wednesday (this was so easy compared to the MOST POPULAR STAMP & PAPER game!)

Here's the list of NEW STAMPS we want to try -
skinny birds
sunshiney day
exotic bird collage (I ordered this one!)
rose collage (Level A hostess set)
friendship stamps
robots (I have this one!)
Others will come in time!

Here's the list of RETURNING STAMPS we want to try
doodle bugs
all things of nature (in my collection)
build a buggie (in my collection)
sea stamps (we've done 2 of the 3, I guess I'll just have to keep thinking!)
playful kitties
sprigs (we've donee this one, but we can use it again - there are several different sprigs to try)
family is forever (in my collection)
linear sentiment (in my collection - we did a project last summer with this set when it premiered)
true beauty (in my collection - and I love it because it's butterflies!)

TECH Squad preference
TECHNIQUE class, 3-5 techniques, 1 finished project ( 6/8 said this is ok, but not first or only choice - this is what we did in 2007-'08)
PROJECTS class, 3 - 5 small projects(7/8 said this is ok - this is what we've done most of the last year)
PROJECTS class 1 - 2 more involved projects (7/8 said this is ok, we've done this occasionally, like this week!)

I think I will just do a compbination of all those types of classes - I guess it will make the majority happiest.

Are you interested in classes ?
Card 6/8 said yes (Christmas Card Club - last Wednesday of every month until November!)
scrapbook 4/8 said yes (I'm working on a Card to Crop class for the Spring, that means a card and a scrapbook pages using the same layout, colors, etc.)
3-D or home dec 5/8 said yes (Flip Flop book, countdown calendar, paperbag book)

I have all 3 types of classes planned for this Fall - I hope you will find something that interests you!

Are you interested in swaps?
Cards make 5 same, get 5 different - 5/8 said yes (that looks like a potential swap to me!)
3-d make 2 same, get 2 different - 2/8 said maybe (we are ready for this one yet!)

NEW downloads

The Angel Company has posted two new downloadable FREEBIES on their home page - be sure to check these cuties out and download for personal use.

You'll find this project designed by the talent Barb Foster on p 41 of the new INSPIRATION BOOK!

A List of Discontinued Accessories

These products are available at 25% discount off retail price, while supply lasts. Let me know if you are interested in a price quote, or would like to place an order!

163 TAC™ VW Insulated Mug
A0784 Miss Priss Fab Flowers
A079 Kissy Fit Anchorettes
A080 Kissy Fit Sassy Sequins
A84002 Coluzzle Nested Square
A84003 Coluzzle Nested Rectangle
A84004 Nested 90 Square
A84005 Wordsworth Blimp Alphabet
A84012 Coluzzle Swivel Knife
A84098 Large Nested Circle
A85297 Scoring Tool
A85298 Scoring Blade Refill
A85328 Coluzzle Nested File Folder
A91638 Pastel Flower Sequins
A91641 Pastel Round Sequins
A91642 Bright Round Sequins
A91669 Bright Flower Sequins
A91681 Bright Square Sequins
A91688 Bubblegum Paper Posies
A91689 Ladybug Paper Posies
A91690 Tangerine Paper Posies
A91691 Bumblebee Paper Posies
A91692 Limeade Paper Posies
A91693 Swimming Pool Paper Posies
A91698 Beetle Black Paper Posies
A9410 Oh Boy Multi Color Buttons
A9467 Tropical Multi Colored Buttons
C204 Fabric Dries Clear Glue
C205 Designer Dries Clear Glue
C218 Ultrafine Metal Tip
D1596 Metallic Pearls
D1600 Jewels Perfect Pearls
D431 Lg Square Chip
D434 Lg Circle Chip
D435 Lg Rectangle Chip
D54 Dark Staples
D55 Light Staples
D56 Metallic Staples
D78 Mega Rectangle Punch
D79 Giga Rectangle Punch
D80 Mega Shipping Tag
D81 Giga Shipping Tag
D82 Mega Merchandise Tag
D83 Giga Merchandise Tag

D880 Mini Square Tab
D881 Mini File Tab
D882 Mini Round Tab
D95 Jumbo Shipping Tag
D96 Jumbo Merchandise Tag
E101 Card Box & Cards
E202 Coffee Break Tin
F08 Silver Leafing Pen
F09 Gold Leafing Pen
F1 Tombow Glue Stick
F109 Diya Ring Book
F117 Sonia Purse
F156 Set One Memory Markers
F157 Set Two Memory Markers
F158 Set Three Memory Markers
F159 Set Four Memory Markers
F164 Black Memory Marker
F165 Brown Memory Marker
F166 Medium Gelly Roll
F169 White Gel Xtreme Pen
F18 Prismacolor 120 Pencil Set
F21 Cool Pastel Chalk Pencils
F22 Warm Chalk Pencils
F23 Assorted Chalk Pencils
F24 Neutral Chalk Pencils
F245 6” Metal Cork Backed Ruler
F246 Easy Grip Ruler
F303 Cutting Tool Set
F304 Mini Perforator Tool
F305 Mini Scoring Tool
F33 Pearlescent & Metallic Palettes
F357 Vellum Glue Dots
F37 Stargazers Watercolor Palette
F46 Classic Glaze Gelly Pens
F461 Silver Shadow Metallic Gel
F490 Corner Rounder Tonic Punch
F491 Arrow Head Tonic Punch
F492 Smile Tonic Punch
F500 Scrap-o-dex
F501 Scrap-o-dex Refill Pack
F509 Copper Tape
F510 Silver Tape
F917 Wild Berry Boot Loopy Brads
F918 Citrus Boot Loopy Brads
F919 Cotton Candy Boot Loopy Brads
F920 Earthy Boot Loopy Brads
F926 Black & White Ribbon Brads
F927 Primary Ribbon Brads
F928 Bright Ribbon Brads
F929 Pastels Ribbon Brads
F930 Pastel Princess Brads
F935 Wild Berry Lacing Brads
G300 6 x 9 Chocolate Flocked Mini
G301 6 x 9 Deep Sea Flocked Mini
G302 6 x 9 Razzleberry Flocked Mini
G303 6 x 9 Chartreuse Flocked Mini
G304 6 x 9 Sheet Protectors
G532 Stamp Storage Board
G702 Paper Piercer
G711 12 x 12 Pink Emb Faux Leather
G722 6 x 6 Celery Album Linen
G724 6 x 6 Denim Album Linen
G726 6 x 6 Parfait Pink Album Linen
G727 6 x 6 Chocolate Linen Album
G728 20mm Posts
G729 40mm Posts
G731 6 x 6 Wildflower Album Linen
G747 12 x 12 Sheet Protectors
G748 6 x 6 Sheet Protectors
G749 9 x 9 Sheet Protectors
H106 5 x 7 Accordian Album Tin
K200 Chartreuse Half Moon Pockets
K201 Red Half Moon Pockets
K202 Beet Half Moon Pockets
K203 Khaki Half Moon Pockets
K204 Chocolate Half Moon Pockets
K300 Chartreuse Circle Seals
K301 Red Circle Seals
K302 Beet Circle Seals
K402 8.5 x 5.5 Brown Album
K403 6 x 6 Orange Album
K404 6 x 6 Blue Album
K405 6 x 6 Hot Pink Album
K406 8 x 8 Green Album
K407 6 x 6 Pink Album
K410 4 x 6 Recipe Card Dividers
K411 4 x 6 Recipe Box With Tabs
K413 Pewter Press Post Metal Alph
K501 8.5 x 5.5 Sheet Protectors
K502 6 x 6 Sheet Protectors
K503 8 x 8 Sheet Protectors
V100 Green 3 Cardstock
V101 Chartreuse 3 Cardstock
V102 Apple Green 1 Cardstock
V103 Apple Green 2 Cardstock
V104 Cobalt Cardstock
V105 Robin’s Egg 1 Cardstock
V106 Robin’s Egg 2 Cardstock
V108 Blue 1 Cardstock
V109 Blue 2 Cardstock
V110 Blue 3 Cardstock
V111 Periwinkle 2 Cardstock
V112 Raspberry 1 Cardstock
V113 Raspberry 2 Cardstock
V114 Plum 1 Cardstock
V115 Plum 3 Cardstock
V116 Wine Red 1 Cardstock
V117 Wine Red 2 Cardstock
V118 Red 1 Cardstock
V119 Blush Cardstock
V120 Harvest Orange 3 Cardstock
V121 Yellow 3 Cardstock
V122 Flora 1 Cardstock
V123 Flora 2 Cardstock
V124 Flora 3 Cardstock
V125 Ocean 1 Cardstock
V126 Ocean 2 Cardstock
V127 Purple 1 Cardstock
V128 Purple 2 Cardstock
V147 Black 8 x 8 Post Album Linen
V148 Red 8 x 8 Post Album Linen
V150 Navy 8 x 8 Post Album Linen
V154 8 x 8 Sheet Protectors
V501 Sweet & Sassy Note Pads
V801 Na Navigator
V802 Junior
V803 Paper Taker
V817 Memory Purse
V87 Wine Red 3
V88 Red 2
V89 Coral Red 2
V90 Coral Red 3
V903 Winterberry Pad
V91 Pink 1
V92 Pink 2
V93 Pink 3
V94 Harvest Orange 2
V95 Yellow 1
V96 Yellow 2
V98 Green 1
V99 Green 2

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spent a little "quality" time ...

I spent a little quality time doing an analysis of my sales for the previous catalogue year. These are the top 12 selling stamps in my business since July 2008 - June 2009 (including Fall Supplement 2008 and Serendipity 2009)

poki's #1 best seller -
I guess my "collection" is rubbing off on my friends! smile!
(This was TAC's # 3, but I didn't influence these sales - I didn't know that I owned it until this week - I forgot all about it and haven't used it in any projects for TECH this year!)
This beautiful set has retired - we did use it for a neat project in August 2008.
WINTER TAGS - sold 4
I don't own this one - so I guess it wasn't my influence that made this one popular with my customers!
I own it, but we haven't used it in TECH! I guess I need to!
TAC's #2, but I haven't used it! I guess I need to!
I haven't used this one - I guess I need to, be looking forward to it soon!
This one has been in the catalogue ever since I've known the company! It's a great one to color!
I will take a little credit for the 2 extra sales besides mine!
SPRIGS - sold 3
I really like this set - we have used it!
This one is from the Serendipity - I will have eto add it to a project soon!
Another Serendiptiy favorite, I've designed with it but not for TECH! I guess you can expect to see this one soon!
Surprisingly, TAC's #1 selling stamp set "love & laughter" was not among my best sellers, although I did use if for a project last October. I sold 2 of those, and 1 of them to me! I do believe I am my own BEST customer!
Be on the look out for my paper collection analysis next - but not tonight! Excel and I have had enough quality time tonight! smile!

One more thing ...

I realized this morning when looking at the scan of Angelee that there is one more new addition to the catalogue, that I failed to mention - there is now a coordinates list (including ink colors, cardstock colors, ribbon, and hardware) for every paper collection in the catalogue! We had coordinates for the Soar With It Collections before, but now we have information about EVERY paper collection - including the classics (Sands of Time, Tutti Frutti, & Pop Rockz), the Designer Collections (Brighten My Day, & Tuscany Spice) and the Fly with It collections (Catelynne, & Hip Hop) and the Wing It collections (A Little Whimsy, Just Like Dad, Kaleidoscope Boyz, Kaleidoscope Girlz, Rustic Chic, & Uptown Girl). Takes all the guess work out of having a beautifully coordinated project. Be sure to check out the coordinates list on every paper collection page!

(The coordinates list pictured is for Angelee)

Congratulations, Belinda!

In my blog challenge contest, Belinda was able to identify 2 of the top selling stamp sets, and the top selling paper collection from the 2008-2009 catalogue year! She had the best guesses so she wins the prize! I will call and deliver it soon!


#1 - Love & Laughter

#2 - Decorative Corners

#3 - Celebration Time

Top Selling Paper Collection

Angelee Soar With It Collection

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Here are the notes in the Welcome to OPEN HOUSE presentation on Wednesday, July 8 - I wanted to be sure you all knew this, even if you weren't able to attend TECH:

1. Thank you gift to customers – Collector’s Club Journal
Includes all collected information about purchases made from poki since 2007. poki will no longer be keeping the list like I did in the past – I will only have orders. Your Journal would be a good Companion when you come to TECH if you keep it updated.

2. New stamps – the Inspiration Book contains 29 new sets to purchase.
The company has done a great job of choosing varied styles. There seem to be lots of new stamps that need coloring, so if that is your style you are in luck with this new catalogue. You will notice that all images are now printed at 100% again.

3. Gift with Purchase stamps have been replaced by PURCHASE WITH PURCHASE SETS (p. 3) These sets are available for purchase with a $30 qualifying order. My “challenge” – buy 9 get #10 FREE from poki

4. Some of the stamps from 2008 Fall Supplement have been included, some have not. If you find a stamp set in the previous catalogue that was not listed on the official retirement list, there is a chance it will return in the new Fall magalogue due out on SEPT. 1! Especially stamps related to Fall and Winter seasons and holidays. Poki has a list on computer, if you are interested in knowing which sets MIGHT be back, can e-mail that list to you.

5. Hostess sets – Level A: 4 new + Serendipity 2 (p 5), Level B: 4 new + Serendipity 2(pp 6-7); Level C: 2 new + Serendipity 1 (pp 8 – 9); Level D: 1 new (p 10). Or you can choose designated paper collections for Level C and D. I will continue to award Hostess prizes to everyone who makes a qualifying purchase of $20. These will include Hostess sets, Half Price Items, 20% discounts and poki’s choice products (This basket now includes some Hostess sets from previous catalogue.)

6. Serendipity sets are NOT included in the new catalogue. The Serendipity products are still available through January 2010!

7. There are no NEW papers, but there has been a drastic overhaul made to MIMI (we used it in June for the notepad!) Mimi is now MORE MIMI, there are 10 patterns instead of 5, and it is DOUBLE-SIDED. (Show product booklet) (p 12)

8. Unfortunately, DCWV has stopped manufacturing their white-core cardstock in single color packs. It is still available in the pads.

9. We are no longer selling – Designer Collections: Winterberry, Gentle Beginnings or Genevieve

10. Added tools – WRMemory Keepers Corner Chomper (p.124) case (p 124) and Scor-bug! (p 124) We will use the scor-bug in August!

11. Stamp prices are up a little, but you are still getting a fine quality rubber stamp, with great detail, for a REASONABLE price!

12. Contest – guess the “Most Popular Stamp set” and “Most Popular Paper” in last catalogue year! Blog contest - will announce the winner here and deliver the prize! (since not everyone here at the same time!)

13. FOLLOWERS on my blog! Thanks to Belinda and Cathie who responded to the request to become “Followers” – prizes to them!

14. Projects from Seminar – will post some pictures later

15. Class schedule – will be posted as appropriate

Project - I'll post a picture later, haven't scanned it yet1

Survey - results posted here later

Blog Contest - most popular stamp sets, paper, award prize!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another interesting new stamp set

Thought I would show you one more "interesting" stamp set - it's definitely on my wish list!

Can't wait to share this beautiful new publication with you!


If you are coming to my TECH Squad OPEN HOUSE tomorrow, bring your SERENDIPITY with you! I am down to only one!! And it's been used - on the desk since January!


Monday, July 6, 2009

RSVP's up to 10

My RSVP list is growing - now up to 10 (Debby, Karen, Belinda, Cathie, Mary, Lynn, Kim, Beckie, and maybe Kathy & BJ)

See you Wednesday!

A new set from Mabelle RO

Mabelle is a designer from Miami who has worked with The Angel Company for a long time - in fact she is an Angel! - she had a button made for all the Seminar attendies with the birthday fairy on it! She even added a little glittery, twinkly stuff to it! smile!

Check out Mabelle's blog to see how she colors her designs

All the R-code stamps in the catalogue are Mabelle's designs!

Re-arranged the hints ...

I've re-arranged the hints - all stamp hints together, all paper hints together! Is someone going to get the answer?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

More new stamp sets

There has been much discussion on an Angels Only yahoo group about these monkeys - creepy or not, I have to have the set just for the sentiment "I didn't do it!" that's every kid I've ever known! The vintage farm tags at the bottom are also on my wish list ... gee, and to think I thought I could make money with this business. NOT!!!!! (I believe, I am my own best customer!)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A picture from the TAC Awards Banquet

Here is a picture that our friend Rita took of Paula Kay and poki before the awards banquet last week!
This little button greeted us when we arrived at our table:

followed shortly afterwards by ...

TAC definitely knows about priorities! (All photos by Rita Wetzel - see her blog

Happy Independence Day

Make it an All American celebration! Mike and poki are going to see ICE AGE after breakfast! And then having a cook-out on a friend's deck overlooking Lake Belton - we hope the boat with the fireworks is back again this year (want to try out my camera's fireworks setting! LOL)
Enjoy your Day!
(PS - 3 of my cards for Christmas card club meeting in July are done! 2 more to do, and then I'll give you some sneak peeks!)

Some of my favorites ...

I thought you might like to see some of my favorite new sets in the new Core Catalogue from the Angel Company.

This one is called Exotic Bird Collage retail $17.95 - it's on my list for purchase in JULY!!! I love these collages - since you can minimally color them, or color them completely, and both can look fantastic! Barb Foster designed the sample for this set, and it sold me the minute I saw it! Thanks Barb (if you want to see more of Barb's work, check out her blog - I check it regularly!)

I guess you can see by this page, that TAC is continuing the sleek new format they began with Serendipity. The catalougue is the same outside dimensions as Serendipity, but contains 126 pages, including a wonderful, first time ever ALPHABETICAL LIST of stamp sets! No categories to think up when trying to use the index.
Each paper collection has a two-page spread with samples. ALL of the paper collections now have a Coordinates list (for ink, cardstock, ribbon, hardware - they have cross referenced from the collections we already had!) I am very pleased with all the research that was included in this Inspiration Book to make our product and projects "simple, smart, and sophisticated!"
After all of the paper collection pages, then additional stamp sets are categories, and categories come in ALPHABETICAL order, and appear to be grouped with user-friendly headings ... (i.e. animals, followed by backgrounds&seasons, then flowers, great outdoors, etc.) The categories are color tabbed at the top, so you can easily see where one group ends and next one starts! Kudos to The Angel Company for their presentation ... it's a beautiful book!
I'm anxious to share this beautiful new publication with you - see you on Wednesday!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Are you keeping up with my hints? Can you tell me the top 3 selling stamp sets yet? How about the top selling paper for 2008-'09! I've got a prize for you on Wednesday if you can!

RSVP needed

So far I have 4 RSVP's for Wednesday. (Debby, Karen, Belinda, & Cathie) If you are planning to come I would like to know by Monday, July 6 so I can be prepared!

"GAME" hints

check the new side bar on the right for today's hints to the most popular "game!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New contest on The Angel

A new give-away contest has been posted on the home page for The Angel Company

What you win -
*Lilly Anna SWIC
*Lilly Anna hardware
*Lilly Anna cardstock
*Lilly Anna ribbon
*Toodles stamp set (it's featured on the cover of the new catalogue!)
*2009-2010 Inspiration Book & Catalogue

Total retail value $49.80

Be sure to go visit and sign up to win - someone will win!

MOST POPULAR "game" - more hints

Two of the top 3 stamps were premiered on the same page of 2008-2009 catalogue. In the new catalogue for 2009 - 2010, two of the top 3 stamps share the same page also, but not the same two!

The top selling paper collection has a companion kit!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Thought I would give you a hint for the "game" we are doing at TECH Squad -

#1 top selling stamp in the TAC catalogue for 2008-2009 is one of poki's favorites. Still in new catalogue (didn't RETIRE) and I've used it recently!

#1 top selling paper - "NO, Baby!"