... just a few of the many things I MUST get done!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cards designed for Sketch Class - May 20

I have the proto-type cards made for TECH Squad on May 20 - one for each of the sketches in Serendipity.

Sketch 1 - made with "cute as a bug" Level A hostess set in Serendipity. It also uses the polka dot download! Be sure to check out the great downloads

Sketch 2 - uses floral favorites (It's on the Retirement list and is price at 25% off now!) and Tutti Frutti paper.
Sketch 3 - uses "be of good" Level C hostess set in Serendipity, polka dot download printed on white, floral download printed on green.

Monday, April 27, 2009

May/June BLOG Challenge - REPOST!

Hello crafters! THIS IS A REPOST!

Announcing a blog challenge for May & June!
The challenge - create either a card or a 6 x 6 scrapbook page using one of the three sketch designs in the Serendipity magalogue. Please use Angel products whenever possible. Bring your card or scrapbook page to poki's on May 20 for TECH Squad Day. Leave it for scanning, posting here on the blog and voting! I will ask visitors to the blog to e-mail me their votes by Friday, June 5. Winner will be announced on TECH Squad Day June 10! I can't wait to see your designs!

These sketches are found on Page 6 of the Serendipity magalogue.

Want to participate but won't be here on May 20? E-mail poki at for info on how you can join in!

PS - The projects for May 20 TECH Squad will be examples of these 3 sketches - we'll do poki's designs for all 3 sketches as a card front and a 6 x 6 scrapbook page!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TAC announced the "Discontinued List for 2009.

It’s time to make room for new stamp additions to our 2009-2010 Inspiration Base Book! It’s a great time to add the following stamp sets to your collection at a 25% discount before they are gone forever! As of July 1, 2009, these sets will no longer be available for ordering, will not appear online, and will be officially retired from the TAC™ collection.** Hurry and order your favorite retiring sets before they’re gone as quantities are limited!

FS = Fall Supplement BB = Base Book

T-2933 Halloween Town 5 FS
T-3039 Pumpkin Day 5 FS
T-3005 Fright Night 7 FS
T-3042 Halloween Greetings 7 FS
T-2882 All Occasion Icons 17 BB
T-2897 My Sunshine 17 BB
T-2835 Faithbooking 18 BB
T-2915 My Life 19 BB
T-2875 Fantasy Flourishes 20 BB
T-2622 Artsy Elements 20 BB
T-2847 Enchanted Florals 22 BB
T-2825 Butterbees and More 23 BB
R-2028 Blissfully Ever After 24 BB
T-2675 Wedding Day 25 BB
T-2833 The Wedding 25 BB
T-2848 Eclectic Swirls 26 BB
T-2955 Everyday Eclectic 26 BB
T-2849 Old World Ornaments 28 BB
T-2866 Starburst Florals 31 BB
T-2850 Ornate Swirls 28 BB
T-2801 Something’s Fishy 28 BB
T-2837 Distressed Typewriter Bet 29 BB
T-2812 Family Fun 29 BB
T-2744 Floral Dingbats 29 BB
T-2886 Pattern Sayings 30 BB
T-2865 Moxie Minis 31 BB
T-2829 Bloom And Grow 31 BB
T-2923 All Season Stamps 32 BB
T-2853 Seasonal Cuties 32 BB
T-2808 Oh How 32 BB
T-2852 Floral Favorites 32 BB
T-2831 Flower Doodles 33 BB
T-2814 Paisley Words 33 BB
T-2672 Salsa Flowers 34 BB
T-2856 Swirly Bouquet 35 BB
T-2855 Loops and Swirls 35 BB
T-2745 Rose Garden 36 BB
T-2750 It’s Always Springtime 36 BB
T-2339 Friendship Flowers 37 BB
T-2412 Enjoy Today 37 BB
T-2864 Juliette Florals 38 BB
T-2868 Fresh Air Favorites 39 BB
T-1234 Victorian Collage 40 BB
T-2408 The Arts 40 BB
T-2749 Ornamental Ribbons 42 BB
T-1014 Flutter By 43 BB
T-2636 Basic Birds 44 BB
T-2703 Goodness Of God 44 BB
T-1096 Tiger Face 44 BB
T-815 Mountain Scenery 44 BB
T-1101 African Giraffe 45 BB
T-2122 Charcoal Leaves 45 BB
T-2720 Punctuation 47 BB
T-2920 Floral Swirls 47 BB
T-2931 Our Savior 48 BB
T-2709 Love Doodles 48 BB
T-788 Celtic Images 49 BB
T-2699 Blessed With 53 BB
T-2670 On Safari 54 BB
T-2818 Our Baby 55 BB
T-2312 Ribbon Borders 55 BB
T-2545 Baby On Board 56 BB
T-2363 Peek A Boo 56 BB
T-2384 Double Trouble 57 BB
T-2631 Twins 57 BB
T-2686 Kid Praises 57 BB
T-2669 Bold Flourishes 58 BB
T-2870 Retro Rovers 60 BB
T-2862 Funky Felines 60 BB
T-2349 Hoppy Frogs 61 BB
R-2029 Blooming Builders 62 BB
R-2026 Deco Designs 63 BB
T-2932 Floral Labels 63 BB
T-2662 Treasure Seeker 64 BB
T-2657 Pirates 64 BB
T-2627 Pull Up Anchor 65 BB
T-2663 Sail Away 65 BB
T-2851 Euphoric Elements 67 BB
T-2718 Ocean Buddies 67 BB
T-2770 Fun Fish 67 BB
T-2959 Celebrate the Seasons 69 BB
T-2947 Sparkle 69 BB
T-2614 Flourishes 70 BB
T-2315 Paisley Rockz 72 BB
T-2652 Fun Time 72 BB
T-2838 Heavenly Father 73 BB
T-2873 G is for Gratitude 74 BB
T-2705 Nothin’ But Net 76 BB
T-2532 You’re A Winner 76 BB
T-2689 Girlie Gadgets 77 BB
T-2668 Teacher’s Helpers 78 BB
T-2684 All Season Athlete 78 BB
T-2934 Retro Tags 80 BB
T-2714 Keep Smilin’ 81 BB
T-2832 Fancy Punctuation 82 BB
T-2883 Summer Elegance 83 BB
T-2884 Elegant Sentiments 83 BB
T-2946 Retro Journal Tags 85 BB
T-2964 Sassy Girl 85 BB
T-2121 So Girly 85 BB
T-2318 Kallioppe 85 BB
T-2861 Travel Notes 86 BB
T-1130 Fore 86 BB
T-1091 Fish Story 87 BB
T-2846 Twists & Twirls 88 BB
T-2637 My Heart Gives Thanks 89 BB
T-2260 Hey Chick 89 BB
T-2957 Celebration Invitation 91 BB
T-2879 Playful Pirates 92 BB
T-2748 Spooky Swirls 92 BB
T-2601 Family, Food & Friends 95 BB
T-2790 Count Your Blessings 95 BB
R-2721 Simply christmas 96 BB
T-2706 Holiday Magic 96 BB
T-2792 Trendy Holiday Tags 97 BB
T-2810 Christmas Checklist 97 BB
T-2032 Cheery Christmas 98 BB
T-2685 Spirit of Christmas 99 BB
T-2603 ‘Tis The Season 100 BB
T-2772 Snowy Swirls 100 BB
T-2793 Birdy Holiday 100 BB
T-1253 Christmas Fun 101 BB
T-2679 Simple Snowflakes 102 BB
T-442 Snowflakes 103 BB
R-2031 Whimsical Greetings 104 BB
T-2701 Christmas Season 104 BB

**Sets may appear as a future Vintage set at the discretion of the TAC™ corporate office.
*Orders for discontinued sets must be received at the corporate office by 5:00 PM CST on Friday, June 26, 2009.
*No other special offers or discounts apply.
*TAC™ reserves the right to amend the discontinued list as we see fit.
© The Angel Company. All rights Reserved.

This is a little early ...

I know that are still 7 more days left in April, but I wanted to get the May SPECIALS up here for you to see - and my days are pretty busy between now and May 1, so thought tonight might be a good time to get the pictures loaded for all of the Specials in May!


the best in me TAC-3090 - set of 9 $13.50 with a qualifying purchase of $30* This offer ends May 31, 2009

May Vintage SOTM

Everyday Mice - TAC-3091 - set of 8 - Special $16.50 (retail value $21.95) No qualifying order required. this offer ends May 31, 2009.

Spring Into May Rewards

May 1 - May 29, 2009

For the HOSTESS - For every $250 in workshop sales, the hostess may choose one of the Spring into May sets FREE! If we earn one, it will go into the poki's choice basket!

For the CUSTOMERS For every $30 in net purchases - guests may purchase 1 each at their special price!

For NEW ANGELS - In addition to receiving a complimentary current Stamp of the Month, new Angels will also receive the Spring into May sets for FREE

Beautiful Friendship T-3101 - set of 8 special price $10.50 (retail $17.95)

Hello Sunshine T-3100 - set of 14, special price $10.50 (retail value $17.95)
Pea Pickin' T-3102 - set of 8, special price $10.50 (retail value $17.95)

Monday, April 20, 2009

My day off ...

I actually had a day "off" for the first time in a long time - nothing to do but what I WANTED TO DO! It felt really good. I actually got up early - did some mapping for our trip. Called a hotel on the OBX to see if we could change the location of our first night on vacation - decided I didn't want to spend THAT much for one night! - and decided to stay where we were booked in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. That's about 50 miles from the Norfolk Airport, there's a TGI Friday's right across the street (we stayed there last year, so I know) a grocery store one street over (so we can stock up on supplies for the two weeks) and a Wal Mart some where on that same street (so we can buy a small gas grill for cooking! (Mike doesn't know how to cook inside and poki DOES NOT COOK!)
I spent a little time with Karen B on her deck just looking out at the Lake - I love living out here on "vacation!" Karen & George are very generous with sharing their deck and marvelous view of Lake Belton!
Then I took a trip into town - to Michael's! I was only looking for ribbon, but I came out $50 later! (Some of it was still my birthday gift card from Mike!) I actually did buy some ribbons to match TAC papers - they are having a good sale on ribbon!
I've spent a lot of time at the computer today - and my back can certainly tell! So ... that's it for a while. I'm going to go take a walk now - it is a beautiful day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And the winner is ...

The winner of my March/April blog challenge is ...

Cathie Holt

Check back to the previous post to see the rest of the darling little pizza box and album that Cathie created using the TECH Squad project from March as her foundation!

Honorable Mention goes to
Karen Bowman

and Beckie Hight

Each of these winners will receive their prize during the May TECH Squad. I will do my best to get the projects delivered back to the owners before I leave for vacation!

Join in the fun with our MAY/JUNE Blog Challenge - you don't even have to attend my May Tech Squad to join this challenge. E-mail poki at to find out how to enter without being at her house on Wednesday, May 20!

Friday, April 17, 2009


My "celebrity artists" did the viewing and voting last night - we have a winner! The winner will be announced on SUNDAY when I'm back from my event in Georgetown! Stay tuned!
If you want to get in on the fun - be sure to check back a few days on an older post for information about the MAY BLOG CHALLENGE! It's fun!

Make & Take for April 18

Here is the make & take calendar I created for the Heart of Texas Scrapbook Club Spring Fling in Georgetown tomorrow. Since I am site coordinator for this event ( and will be very BUSY all day) I decided I had to do an EASY Make & Take. The base is a 4 x 4 coaster.

1. INK the edges of coaster with Walnut ink - cornflower (I love that trick)

2. ATTACH green paper (imagine that, it's green) - Pop Rockz Classic Soar With It collection
(customers can choose green, blue, pink, purple - all from Pop Rockz)

3. PUNCH holes for ribbon weaving with Zutter Bind It All,

4. WEAVE in ribbon!

5. STAMPcorner image with "BE OF GOOD" (Level C Hostess set that my great customers helped me earn in March 09 - thanks) I used VersaMagic TEA LEAVES because I like the tone on tone look! I'm giving my customers a chance to use any of these inks: TEA LEAVES, PINK PETUNIA, AEGEAN BLUE, NIGHT SKY (Check out the sample of these inks on green paper from Pop Rockz)

6. STAPLE on the calendar stack (I made it in Print Shop

7. ATTACH green paper and magnet to the back of coaster


Here is a sample of the inks on lime green paper - I really like how the sample looks, and must experiment with this look for a card!

See you in Georgetown at the Lone Star Retreat Center!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Check back here tomorrow - Beckie H didn't bring her book last week (she got stuck in Austin traffic and didn't get home before coming to TECH) I was supposed to pick it up on Thursday and I totally FORGOT TO GO! I will pick it up tomorrow, scan it and get it posted. My "celebrity artists" will be viewing and voting tomorrow night!

April 16

I finally got Beckie's book - 3rd time is the charm, right?

Here's her box - I really love those stacked-up flowers!

The cover - Beckie added a ribbon to tie her album closed, just a delicate little thing, but a nice added touch!

Page 1 & 2 - what a great way to showcase wallet size photos of the granddaughters! The photo background matches so well!
Page 3 & 4 - I like how Beckie established her page design and continued it, even though the flowers are different. Great continuity - and the flowers draw your attention to those tiny photos!
Page 5 & 6 - Another pair of white flowers, but the continuity of design is still there! What a cute little project! Nice job, Beckie!

Thanks to all three of my BLOG CHALLENGE participants! I appreciate the effort you went to in order to participate in this contest! Viewing and voting with my "celebrity artists" will be done this evening. The winner will be announced via this blog on SUNDAY!


Here is another PIZZA BOX & ALBUM created by Karen B.

This box had a SURPRISE decoration on the inside, instead of the outside. How cute!

Karen's album honors her spunky granddaughter Jade - what a great little girl! The cover -

Pages 1 & 2 - Jade has been a crafter from an early age (surprisingly like ME!) Every gift giving occasion finds me filling up her crafting "tool box" - I even gave her the "tool box." She is especially fond of STICKLES & GLITTER! Imagine that!

Pages 3 & 4 - what a perfect match! Jade and the cutie patootie in "everything is blooming" (Karen's first set from Serendipity because it reminded her of Jade!)

Page 5 & 6 - I like how she cropped out the picture of Jade so it looks like she is skating right out of the background! And she dated the album completion with her date disk stamps!

Blog Challenge Contest Entry #1

Here is the PIZZA BOX & ALBUM Entry #1 - Cathie! It was great to see how someone else decorated the box and album I designed!

This little box is home to her album! I like how she stacked up her flowers to mimic the colors in the POP ROCKZ patterned paper!

The cover of her album - another triple color flower stack! Great job!

Pages 1 & 2 - This album commemorates a recent trip to visit the in-laws in Nevada! - I like the "hint of purple" photo mat!

Pages 3 & 4 - great photo placement creates great balance on this spread!

Pages 5 & 6 - You will see in the pictur on page 6, that Cathie took them a piece of "Texas" for their garden! Another well balanced double page spread! Good job, Cathie!

My decorated PIZZA BOX & ALBUM

I had lots of fun decorating the PIZZA BOX and ALBUM that we made in March. I created some photo/mini scrapbook pages at After I finished and published the album, I was able to download the pages I created! I cropped them to the 2 1/2 x 2 1/2" size that would fit the album pages, printed them, and attache them to the page - and then I embellished with crystal stars, brads and a button! When I showed it to my mom and sister, they both wanted it!!! but I just had to bring it home! I guess I will be making more. Here are the scanned pages -

Cover of album:

Page 1 & 2
Page 3 & 4 - I love the little "shades" button that I found in my collection!

Pages 5 & 6

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Promotion from The Angel Company!

One of the best-loved promotions from The angel Company is returning on April 9, 2009. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, enjoy an awesome assortment of TAC images uniquley packaged for this promotion. Each bag is truly a surprise and containe a variety of images from current and discontinued stamp sets. Order one or order a bunch... these stamps are sure to pack your projects with lots of punch.
TACBAG Rubbers Stamp asst. $15.95
Please note, that one 8 x 10 sheet of Creative Cling cushion is included in the TAC bags. Because it is our goal to pack these bags as full as possible with rubberstamp images, it is possible that you will need to order additional sheets of cushion to mount every rubber image included in the TAC bag. Creative Cling cushion sheets are found on page 121 of the current catalogue and cost $5.00 plus appropriate shipping/handling charges. ($5.94 shipped to poki's house!)

There is no quantity limit on the number of TAC bags that can be ordered by an individual, however there may be duplicate stamps if more than one TAC Bag is ordered. Quantities of TAC bags are limited and once supplies are exhausted, the promotion will be terminated at the discretion of The Angel Company.

I will be placing another order on April 18 - hopefully, they will still have some available.

Let me know if you want to order one of these bags!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Embossing Class projects

These are the cards we made at TECH Squad on Wednesday, April 8 - each one required an unusual type of embossing to complete the look!

Butterfly card - the butterfly is a photo printed on regular cardstock instead of photo paper. Then we distressed the edges of the photo with Versamark and embossed with fine black embossing powder. Paper is Bazzill cheddar and Tuscany Spice! (This card qualifies as HYBRID digital!)

Checkerboard - we actually embossed 3 different things on this card. !. Checkerboard grid was "drawn" by poki in Microsoft Word (this card qualifies as HYBRID digital!) We then added Hermafix 1/2" adhesive squares in the "checkerboard" pattern and embossed with fine black embossing powder. You must be careful, the adhesive can "smoke" if it gets too hot! 2. We embossed the WHITE flower with Versamark and fine black embossing powder. 3. We embossed the WHITE brad with VersaMagic Red Magic ink and clear embossing powder.

Sea Shell card - We stamped the sea shell from Sea Stamps T3074 with Palette Burnt Umber. The stamped image was embossed 3 times with Versamark ink and clear embossing powder. Then it was placed the freezer for 15 minutes, and upon removal, we "cracked" the top surface of the embossing! I love the triple embossed image - it almost looks like an acrylic sticker! We also used sail away T2663 to stamp the tag. Paper is Bazzill rain and whirlpool, and Amberley Grace.

Adorable Animal - the duck is the DOWNLOADED version. (That makes this one a HYBRID digital as well! - thank to TAC for adding the DOWNLOADS to the website!) We used the Versamarker (pen) to color the beak and feet of the duck, and embossed with clear embossing powder. The polka dots on the card were created with Tsukineko sponge daubers and 3 of the 4 colors in Versamagic Flower Pot! After stamping each color of dots, we added clear embossing powder before going on to next color. (when we stamped them all before we added embossing powder the ink dried too quickly!) I really like how this duck card turned out! I even like the variation in color caused by the sponge on the polka dots!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hello crafters! THIS IS A REPOST!

Announcing a blog challenge for May & June!

The challenge - create either a card or a 6 x 6 scrapbook page using one of the three sketch designs in the Serendipity magalogue. Please use Angel products whenever possible. Bring your card or scrapbook page to poki's on May 20 for TECH Squad Day. Leave it for scanning, posting here on the blog and voting! I will ask visitors to the blog to e-mail me their votes by Friday, June 5. Winner will be announced on TECH Squad Day June 10! I can't wait to see your designs!

These sketches are found on Page 6 of the Serendipity magalogue.

Want to participate but won't be here on May 20? E-mail poki at for info on how you can join in!

PS - The projects for May 20 TECH Squad will be examples of these 3 sketches - we'll do poki's designs for all 3 sketches as a card front and a 6 x 6 scrapbook page!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I finished my birthday books ...

I got up to a COLD house this morning, and finished the first of my birthday list journals! 3 more to go today ... The paper is POP ROCKZ, the embellishment is a magnet cupcake I found at Michael's in the dollar bin! I love that place, I just don't spend much $ there, just lots of time! It's all RESEARCH, right?

My BUNCO girlfriends are receiving these books for their birthdays this year - I've made 8, with 4 to go. This book was made with Tutti Frutti paper, and has a monogram on it with FANCY BET alphabet T-2989.

I wonder who the "D" might be for?

See you at TECH tomorrow!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April SOTM

Be sure to check out the samples done with the Stamp of the Month for April -

Also there are some other cool projects using WIC A Little Whimsey - be sure to check those out too!

You can still see the Fresh Spring Thing project ideas as well, even though we SOLD OUT of the sets a couple of weeks ago!

Mischelle has been busy again - her blog has recently had a re-vamp - lots of things to look at there too ...

There is a new file

TAC posted their latest free DOWNLOAD today - be sure to check it out!

I have had a busy - and productive - day!

I have been busy all day long working on paper projects. I finished and made the kits for Wednesday's TECH Squad.

Then I went to work on the kits I promised myself I would create before the two events I am doing this month. I made 4 kits of the Willoughby frame - each will sell for $7.50 with directions included.

I also made 4 kits of the Felt Flip book that is in serendipity. Each kit will sell for $6.50

I completed 4 "It's Your Day" gift card holders - each will sell for $3.50 with directions included. These are completed projects!

And now, I've started working on a Birthday list journal that will sell for $7.00 - it will also be a completed project. Will post a picture when I get one done! I think I'm going to make 8 of them!