... just a few of the many things I MUST get done!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We have a "Retiring List"

The TAC e-mail newsletter arrived either Tuesday or Wednesday in my mail box. It contained a list of stamp sets that will discontinue as of June 30, 2008. If you haven't ordered these, and want to - please have your list ready for our TECH Squad meeting on June 11 (that will be my next order!) poki

Discontinued List from the Spring/Summer 2008 Catty

T-2746 A God Thing Page 26
T-2660 Abundance Is Page 36
T-2333 All Season Skinnies Page 53
T-2680 Animal Blocks Page 75
T-2604 Autumn Smiles Page 92
T-2265 Be Page 80
T-2181 Be Authentic Page 86
T-2656 Beach Fun Page 55
T-2605 Beautiful Place Page 31
T-2358 Birthday Buggies Page 67
T-2321 Blossom Builders Page 21
T-2515 Buggie Christmas Page 99
T-2202 Calendar Page 69
T-306 Chicken Scratch Page 87
T-2573 Distressed Designs Page 37
T-2124 Diva Dresses Page 81
T-2619 Don't Bug Me Page 56
T-2755 F is for Family Page 19
T-441 Faith Hope Love Page 95
T-2283 Fanciful Flowers Page 27
T-2562 Fangtastic Page 91
T-2650 Forget Not Page 34
T-2623 Friendly Goblins Page 90
T-2611 Friendly Note Page 76
T-2791 Giggly Goblins Page 92
T-2328 Hang Loose Page 54
T-2728 Happy Celebration Page 69
T-2713 Happy Holiday Squares Page 101
T-2769 He Said She Said Page 87
T-2406 Heart-itude Page 38
T-2325 Hip Hardware Page 37
T-2370 His Angels Page 40
T-2794 Jolly Jack-O-Lanterns Page 92
T-2704 License To Chill Page 102
T-2560 Lily Pad Pond Page 56
T-2375 Little Inspirations Page 41
T-2615 Live Inspired Page 40
T-2372 May Your Merry Page 100
T-2548 Mini Sampler Page 69
T-2334 More Season Skinnies Page 53
T-2578 My Favorites Page 81
T-2874 My Spiritual Journey Page 41
T-2821 My Story Page 88
T-2649 Needed Numbers Page 45
T-2661 Nurture Your Soul Page 43
T-2643 Old Friend Page 43
T-2357 Pals Page 51
T-2858 Party Notes Page 68
T-2690 Party Time Page 69
T-2683 Playful Paisley Page 75
R-2027 Pretty Posies Page 76
T-2540 Ragdolls Page 85
T-2774 Remembrance Page 18
T-2797 Retro Christmas Page 100
T-2788 Retro Halloween Page 90
T-2787 Retro Reindeer Page 100
T-2789 Retro Treaters Page 90
T-1232 Rub A Dub Page 81
T-2353 Sassy Cats Page 51
T-2712 Sentimental Boxes Page 75
T-2152 So Girly Swirly Page 61
T-2288 So Silly Page 45
T-2639 Stipple Bet Page 32
T-2221 Sweet Sayings Page 87
T-2695 Swirly Seasons Page 88
T-2327 The Buzz Page 50
T-2800 The First Thanksgiving Page 92
T-2618 The Only Thing Page 95
T-2566 Tip Toe Page 33
T-2602 Too Spooky Page 92
T-2301 Truly Blessed Page 27
T-2360 Wedding Wishes Page 14
T-1205 Wishing You Page 69
T-2569 Write It Page 33
T-2823 You Are Mine Page 38
T-2809 You're A Hoot Page 17
T-1203 You're Invited Page 69

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The order will be here tomorrow

Late today I discovered that our order from TECH Squad should be arriving with UPS on Friday p.m. He usually gets to my house about 2:00 p.m. I will be ready to sort, and get on the road to make as many deliveries as I can:

Copperas Cove bunch - to Ingrid's house

Killeen -Heather, Beckie H, Cathie H, Ashley to I Scrapbook

Harker Heights - Diana, Pat

Temple - Jacque

Debby will pick up her order from my porch while I am gone on my "whirlwind" delivery trip!

Thanks, ladies! The checks are going in the bank Friday a.m.

Be sure to check out my vacation blog

See you! poki

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Tuesday already ...

There has been NO WORD about our order shipping. Paula Kay told me today that she has not received her order that she placed on May 2, so I'm thinking that the orders I placed on May 9 early will not ship and arrive in time for delivery before I go on vacation! I will be home on May 31. If I haven't been able to deliver your order before that, I will sort on Sunday, June 1 and begin delivery on Monday, June 2! I will also hold checks until Monday, June 2. (except for Cathie who told me to put it in the bank on 5/15 anyway!) I will also e-mail each of you personally about this issue!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A FIRST for The Angel Company

The Angel Company will be represented at two sites of THE GREAT AMERICAN SCRAPBOOK CONVENTION this year (Grand Rapids, MI and Chattanooga TN - not Arlington TX - probably because of the timing so close to our Seminar in June!) Although I'm sure none of us will be traveling to these conventions in July and September, if you go take a look at the class offerings in Grand Rapids you can get a PEEK at some new paper that will be in our Fall and Winter catalogue!
JUST COPY AND PASTE THIS URL - the link didn't work for me!

The classes that TAC has scheduled are
Friday 10:30 Pocket Full of Fun
Saturday 8:00 Everything
Saturday 10:30 Life Thoughts Mini Album

Check these out to get a PEEK at coming product. I hope that we will see these projects at Seminar in June in Wichita, Kansas!

Just a peek ... new stamps sets for Fall and Winter

TAC let us have a peek at some new sets that will be available in the Fall & Winter catalogue! I plan to order them as part of the Brilliant Beginnings bundle for Angel Demonstrators, so I should have them along with some new papers and project packs to show at the JULY TECH Squad meeting. These sets will not be available for customers until July 1, but I thought you might like to see them!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

TECH Squad was!

Thanks to all of you who turned out for my May TECH Squad meeting! There were 17 total during the day! With 11 ladies here for the evening, poki was really very busy! I am hoping to try a new schedule for the summer, starting with the June TECH Squad day, currently scheduled for June 11. (providing I don't have my Pre-Op appointment that day!) There will be 3 sessions during the day -
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
I'm hoping that you will find a time that works for you for June, July, and August! Dates for July and August will be selected following my surgery on June 25! (I don't expect them to be different from our normal scheduled second Wednesday, but ... I will need to wait to see how my hand progresses following the procedure before I commit to anything!)
For those who don't know, I will be having an out-patient surgery on my right hand (my stamping hand, of course) to remove 3 cysts that have developed on the tendon! I noticed the first one about 3 weeks ago, and it has grown quite quickly, and been joined by two others on the same tendon! I was able to get into Orthopedics quickly (within 8 days of my visit with the Dr at S&W Killeen Clinic - which is amazing!) I requested that the surgery be postponed until after my vacation (May 17 - 31) and after my Angel Company Seminar in Kansas (June 18 - 22) so first available date was June 25. The Dr. told me that he will want my fingers moving immediately after surgery, stitches will be out in a week, and rehab on the tendon will need to begin as quickly as I can (I will be back to stamping ASAP!)
June - Walnut Ink projects! (see new schedule above)
July - OPEN HOUSE 1:00 - 8:00 p.m. Come and go! One FREE Make-n-Take August - Inspiration is bound to happen soon! (see new schedule above)