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Friday, June 3, 2011

OH, My - it's been too long

I've been lugging around my cast for 6 + weeks now, and haven't been working much on paper projects (but my digital life is alive and well as is evidenced in my photo gallery on my FB PAGE)

I do have a few sneak peeks for you from the upcoming INSPIRATION BOOK whci will go KIVE on June 27 (the day after I get back from Seminar!)  These are some of the new HOSTESS SETS which will be featured!

(Sorry, the blogger server is rejecting my images - have to continue working on them!  Be back soon!)

I decided to add the images to myFB PAGE   You can see them there much easier than wrangling with BLOGGER today!

Here are some new sets featured on The Angel Company website!
new sets

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